New Edge Mag

2014 - Present 

Project Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director


New Edge Magazine was Anja's graduation project, where she created a magazine all the way from its first idea and whole concept to a finished product. New Edge Magazine is an independent magazine and platform for young people, which enables creativity without any restrictions and promotes creativity and connecting. The free platform is created for young and promising individuals who want to show their work and be recognized.

Because the project was so well received by the public, Anja decided to assemble a team of creative people in order to keep publishing new editions at least twice a year along with events and other activities.

The Magazine has been operating since 2014, and its strive is to improve the content and expand the platform. According to statistical data, the magazine is surpassing the expectations every year.

With the tenth issue, the New Edge team has decided to spice things up and make the release of the magazine exciting. So they have teamed up with popular bars and places in Ljubljana and we organized a launch party, for all the people that have been working with the magazine so that we can hang out together and have a good time.

This project was recognized by the “University of Ljubljana Rector Award for the Best Innovation 2019” award, where the New Edge Magazine was announced among 8 finalists.