Grey Projects

2015 - 2019 

Art Direction, Graphic Design

Some of the work that was created in four years while working at Cannes Lion awarded advertising agency Grey - Ljubljana. Working with the creative team at Grey on clients such as: A1, Unicef, Mazda, Opel, Renault, Mars, Nestle, Bayer, GSK, P&G, Gorenje, Hofer, Triglav, ...

Few photos from winning awards with work at Grey Ljubljana.

Working on brand A1 and their project “Bedtime Storytellers” that won two Cannes Lions in 2017 - bronze and silver.

Honored to be part of this awarded project "The Bedtime Storytellers"

A1 is a telecommunications, ICT and content services provider. Working on different campaigns, with other creatives.

A1 "the power of communication" Campaign - Billboard creative poster design Campaign, where you could put your personal note on the billboard for your loved one to see it.

A1's “Feed the Bees” Campaign - Awareness Campaign about the problem and extinction of bees, where we were encouraging people to feed the bees with Billboards and Citylights and other activations seen in the video.

A1's “Extreme Binge Challenge” - Binge-watching Games of Thrones, logo, T-shirt, and visual design.

A1's Extreme Binge Challenge Video

Simobil “Plažnice” Summer 2016 Campaign - “Plažnice” were a digital advertising campaign that takes care of quality holiday reading with free e-books in the Summer. Si.mobil also supported the digital campaign with innovative outdoor advertising. At selected advertising locations, passers-by were greeted by stories from selected Slovenian authors from billboards and large billboards.

Simobil Orto Phone Campaign - created with copywriter Bor Klemenc Mencin. Orto was a mobile plan created for young and teenagers, that is why we included all the fun elements into this ad.

Nomago is Slovenia’s largest public transportation service. In the agency we created new branding and corporate identity, and I designed the buses, that are driving all over Slovenia.

Nomago animation - creative leading the animators, icons, and visuals made with Matija Primc.

NLB Vita is the largest bank life insurance company in the Slovenian market. It is a member of the NLB Group. With copywriter Klemen Šefer we created a series of posters highlighting situations where you can hurt yourself.

Mazda EGOmission - With Mazda we have created a series of three missions, paths into the unknown that put the driver first - the driver's pleasure. Drivers, representatives of the CX-5 generation, were invited to a first-class experience in the unknown.

Renault Clio KV

Renault Clio "test drive into the future" Campaign - With the campaign, Renault was addressing a target group that is not among the most optimistic about the future. That would be the millennials. In the ad, we follow the main character or the winner of the test drive competition

Hofer - V dobri družbi z Gašperjem Čarmanom

"UNICEF museum of reality" Visualisation of the museum - On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of UNICEF, we have transformed the Museum of Illusions in Ljubljana into the UNICEF Museum of Reality for three days, where it was possible to experience the stories of the world's children. Visitors were able to experience the earthquake in Nepal, a dangerous sea route that refugees have to cross, enter the living room of a family from Zambia living in one of the world's poorest areas.

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